The fitness benefits of HIIT or high-intensity interval training are well-known. Fitness seekers worldwide are aware that through HIIT, they can efficiently get in a total body workout in 45 minutes that targets more muscle groups than most people do in one week. They also know that through HIIT they can expect to improve coordination, balance, and endurance, but did you know that HIIT could improve your heart health?

Obstacle course training is one of the many ways to perform high-intensity interval training or HIIT. As the name suggests, the workout is set up with several obstacles throughout the course. Participants must complete the activity at every obstacle or station and proceed immediately to the next one, contrary to stations training where you perform the activity in the station repeatedly until the time expires. The goal of every participant is to successfully make it through all of the obstacles without interruption at the fastest pace.

While everyone stores fat differently, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that you despise excess upper body weight. Whether it settles around your stomach, underneath your arms, in your obliques, or a combination of the three, unsightly fat accumulation can take a stab at your self-confidence and make finding flattering clothes a hassle. You know that you want to get rid of this weight, but discovering a way to do so may not be as simple. Stop straining your neck with inefficient crunches and try out these top three proven methods for reducing upper body weight.

The old saying  “What you put into your body is what you’ll get out of it” may be over-mentioned, but that does not take away from its accuracy. You cannot eat fast food all day and expect to have a successful high-intensity workout at the end of the day. You may be in somewhat decent shape and know that you should be able to keep up with the pace of the class, but that’s nearly impossible when you’re feeling bloated and sluggish. If you are having trouble settling on what to eat before and after your workout, you’re not alone. Allow these tips to help you fuel your body for HIIT and recover in a manner that preps you for the next workout.

People everywhere are in search of a workout that can help them sweat off excess pounds fast, but many fail to recognize the importance of proper hydration. The idea that drinking water on your way to a fitness class is enough to hydrate your body is one shared by numerous fitness seekers. Not only should you implement regular water consumption into your lifestyle to fully optimize fitness efforts, but proper hydration during a workout is equally essential. Regular fluid intake during a workout can help maintain your mental and physical performance. Dehydration can cause you to lose over 2% of body weight, significantly impacting your body temperature, cardiovascular system, and muscle function. Understanding what fluids and how often to consume them can be difficult, which is why we’re supplying you with key tips for staying hydrated throughout an EPIC workout!

Training tools are training tools, right? Wrong! Each has its own function, purpose, and benefit of use, and there are few better at providing an intense workout than kettlebells. Unlike dumbbells where the weight is balanced, kettlebells have an off-centered weight and curved handlebar for usability. The initial use of kettlebells was as a mean of measuring grains and various farm goods at the start of the 18th century. When carnivals would come to town, the vendors would swing and lift the kettlebells to display their impressive strength. A few hundred years later and here we are, celebrating this unlikely strength training tool’s ability to provide an unmatchable workout for fitness seekers around the world. Join as we explore the top three reasons to love kettlebells.

The phrase “no days off” is one that many people live by and apply to every aspect of their life. As conducive as this mentality may be to ensuring that you seize every opportunity, it can be counterproductive when geared toward fitness efforts. Those serious about their health are well aware of the importance of regular training. One must commit to a specified regimen to attain desired results. When paired with healthy eating habits, one can expect to accomplish fitness goals with ease, but the vitality of scheduled rest days should not be overlooked. Digest these four reasons why a rest day is necessary.

Have you ever been to a community park that had little exercise stops throughout the running trail? Well, that’s not the type of stations training we’re talking about here. This type of stations training is commonly referred to as High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT, and if you’ve never heard of it, its name tells you all you need to know. They are comprised of exercise sessions involving multiple stations that each target a specific muscle group. Professional athletes and everyday fitness seekers alike utilize this unique training method, but what are the benefits of stations training?