About Epic Hybrid Training

The EPIC workout is a complete training regime that molds people of any fitness level into their optimal shape. With fitness trends that come and go, EPIC concentrates on proven core values of training that breeds results. Functional Strength, Increased Mobility, and a higher sense of mental and physical confidence. We like to keep it fun and simple. Show up- then work hard to play hard….Here at EPIC, we suffer with a smile!

The program is based on a 4 week cycle that begins at the start of each month. Every day of the week has its own concentration that change periodically from month to month. The seven day concentrations of the EPIC workout are:

What People Are Saying

I haven’t taken a day off in 10 consecutively. My name is Jillian and I am an EPIC addict!

Jillian Werbeck
Jillian Werbeck Cancer Research Scientist
I have been an athlete my entire life; specifically a team athlete. Basketball has been my main focus for the past 18 years. More than just the love of the game itself, is the love shared with a great team.
When I was looking for a gym to join, finding a team and community to dive head first into was a priority. It took me only a single workout at EPIC to realize what a special “family” the gym created. Having a small group of dedicated trainers and partners is the cornerstone of my focus, and inner drive. I have seen huge results over the past few months since I’ve joined — in my body, form and most importantly mindset.
I’m sure my friends are tired of hearing me regale them with how great last nights Burpee Hell was or how many races I’ve signed up for, but I can’t help but share how great being part of this gym makes me feel.

As a Doctor I save lives routinely, But to have someone Like Alexander Nicholas ,mentor me and Save My Life is an incredible feeling. I will forever be indebted to him, and how he ran next to my daughter during the kids Spartan race , only to have finished his race, then to run it with my daughter, then with our group, He is a Hero! Thank You Alex for all that you do, and for all the lives you are changing for the better, You are an Epic Human being!

Sean Ragone
Sean RagoneHead Poison DoctorGeorgia Poison Doctor

Before joining Epic Hybrid Training, I had been in a constant search for a workout that was intense but also fun and functional. During that search I had been to Equinox, NYSC, NYHRC, boxing gyms, Flywheel, Soul Cycle, boot camp classes and had tried out a bit of CrossFit; everything I could think of. While there were parts to like about each, none ever made me feel like I was getting a complete workout program and none ever made me want to go back again as soon as it was over. The workouts at Epic are intense, as in “sweat through everything I’m wearing” intense. I’m grateful that I rarely worry about getting an injury because Alex, Daz and Julia are so focused on form and mechanics. Everything is done with the goal of engaging stabilizing muscles to become functionally strong, not “gym strong”. My favorite part about what makes Epic unique is the rotational style of the workout program: there are days that feel cardio-heavy, days that feel strength training-heavy and all along there is plenty of core work or yoga. I feel like I benefit so much more from the high-intensity interval training at Epic than from 45 minutes of the same cardio exercise or a workout focused towards only a few weight-lifting movements. I came to Epic around seven months ago and it’s been a transformational decision: I’ve lost a lot weight, added muscle mass, improved my balance, increased my flexibility and feel healthier than I have since I was a kid.

Pete Fisher
Pete Fisher

Joining [Epic Hybrid Training] was one of the best things I’ve done for myself.  I have been working out off and on for years at different clubs.  Being at the gym was becoming boring.  I was hoping to find something fun and challenging.  The name itself sounded like fun. The training program was exactly what I was looking for.  I was also happy to find that the atmosphere was laid back and un-intimidating.  Daz, Julia, and Alex are great instructors and partly the reason why I am at a point where I would be selected Member of the Month.  They continue to challenge and encourage me, and everyone to work as hard as they can at their own level.  As a result, I have reached a new level of mental and physical strength.  For that I am grateful.

Chantice Fields
Chantice Fields

Weekly Program

  • 📈

    SPARTAN Inspired

    The Spartan inspired workout includes obstacle training techniques. We run, we jump, and we climb our way back into shape. Functional fitness at its best.

  • The UPPER Half

    This workout consists of mostly upper body concentration. These sessions are usually in station format and vary between an endurance style format and a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

  • The Grynd

    The GRYND is a total body endurance based workout that will challenge both your mental and physical stamina. Long rounds are paired with heart-pumping movements for an hour of sweat!

  • The LOWER Half

    This workout consists of mostly lower body concentration. These sessions are usually in station format and vary between an endurance style format and a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

  • 💥


    This workout consists of explosive movements requiring full-body movement. Most sessions include weight training which also requires members to concentrate on body mechanics.

  • AMRAP: Saturday

    As Many Reps As Possible. This workout consists of exercises where each individual has to complete as many repetitions as humanly possible in a given amount of time. Each session has multiple stations and exercises to accomplish.

  • VERSAFLEX: Sunday

    This workout incorporates, balance, flexibility, agility, and functional strength. Typically used as a restoration day to help heal the body mentally and physically.

The Epic Facility

Our space is fully equipped with everything from Monkey Bars to Heavy Bags!

  • We have private showers and storage for your belongings

To begin, begin.” –Peter Nivio Zarlenga