Welcome to EPIC Hybrid Training

EPIC is a circuit-style fitness program that is the perfect mixture of fitness and creativity that produces optimal results. We start with a foundation of body weight exercises, cardio and strength training with mobility drills to recover and restore your body.

Our program has progressive levels so that anyone, no matter your fitness level, can partake in our hybrid training. EPIC has also been rated one of the most creative and inspiring workouts by various national media outlets. Just as life presents obstacles, our fitness regimen is all about conquering obstacles through fitness.

At EPIC you will develop overall strength, endurance, power, agility and balance. We aim to complement every aspect of our members lives; EPIC is more than just a fitness program, it’s an experience!

Train EPIC. Sweat EPIC. Live EPIC. Be EPIC.


Classes & Programs

EPIC Hybrid Training consists of different fitness classes which are programmed for all levels of fitness. Classes have unique circuit stations that utilize EPIC movements.

Workouts are reprogrammed every 4 weeks with different EPIC movements to ensure enough time to see progress as you can take a specific class at least 4 times each month, but also ensure new and exciting workouts each month.


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There’s not a weekend that goes by where you may hear someone talking about a race, fun run, or obstacle race they participated in. With participants growing to 5 million plus this year, EPIC Hybrid Training offers a new approach to the average gym goer. Are you ready to be a part of this movement and to help better those within your community? Then we’re ready to have you join the EPIC family.

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